Friday 31 August 2012

The long haul


I’m getting the hang of this now. Having everything in hangar and not in poxy containers makes quick work of moving stuff into ships when time is tight – win. Also, get a nice Alliance / Corp member to scout inbound gates / station docks for you, give them a token reward for their help and set them blue to you. You remember how long it took you to grind the ISK, go to the trade hub, buy the crap, work out how to fit it in the hauler in as few trips a possible and get it close to where you need it, right? You want to do it all again? Correctomundo, Holmes.

NEW – Quote of the week
From our holiday bound CEO – ‘Have fun, don’t do anything not fun and don’t buy anything or give money away ‘til I get back please’. Priceless [sic] and incisive.

Minnie Cruiser V, 11d. T2 hull me up. I am not logging into EVE until I have under 10 days remaining on this skill. See you Monday.

The 1,000,000 ISK to the first subscriber to this blog is still up for grabs. EVEmail me ingame. No ringers though. That means you, Corpies. Not that you read it anymore.

Fly safe


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