Monday 13 August 2012

Heat the PI


Well, all that selling worked a treat – the wallet is now looking a little more respectable and ready to fritter away on some new ships to get me back to that magic number of 2 of each. I’ve also been carebearing a bit in hisec and got lucky with those lovely missions full of BS for bounty & salvage. I am also at the stage where I can decline 2 crap missions in a row without the standing hit affecting agent or faction access. I could always jump a few jumps rather than do this, but meh. For those that don’t know, Eve Survival is the place to be to check out your missions for completion tips and tricks and time vs reward info.

Fucking PI though – just can’t get it all flowing properly for any length of time but it gets a fair return when I do. It’s a licence to print money, so I have to sort it but RL stuff means I am always short of time to get into fleet for roams and end up rushing the PI tweaking without paying enough attention to it, either before the roam or after. Solution – stop KM / mission whoring and devote a night to getting it sorted. Maybe put it on longer cycles and see what happens, too. Right, I’m emptying all the product out of every planet tonight and starting from scratch with the installations already I have in place. And I’m going to start using the spreadsheet I carefully constructed then ignored for 2 months :/

Overheating mods rocks. So much so, that I have started doing it more often and only toasted a MWD so far – with a bit of luck training them there Nanite skills and Thermodynamics to 4 should help reduce any further losses. I am sure you are as bored as I am about the what to train next dilemma, so I’ll leave it out. Whaddya mean I need to look at Amarr BS & lazors? FFS.

Let me leave you with a nice pic of the new[ish] missile launchers

Fly safe


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