Wednesday 22 August 2012

Break Break


Det är inte bra
Not going to be on much for the next week or two, which is sad as things are really hotting up in one way or another and I want to make a determined effort to get some money back into the Corp wallet. I have had a sudden attack of guilt over spending Corp money on ships for the Corp PVP wing, see. Might try some ratting / exploration in 0.0 as it’s not something I’ve really undertaken yet, but keeps me where the action is, we can do it as a Corp and still be ready to fleet up in Alliance if needed. At least one other Corpie has similar feelings [but a lot of T2 missiles, eh olsa?] so we’ll see. All PVP and no ISK.

This has given me time to revist the EVE-O forums and a couple of threads have stood out among the flotsam and jetsam [read – shite] that populates a lot of it. These have caused some introspection on my EVE experience so far which may be helpful to those newer than me.

The first six months went well – missioning, skilling up, moving house, learning the basics, collecting a hangar full of stuff, getting a level 4 agent. Then it all became a bit dull and time consuming and I was logging on to chat and queue skills, more than anything else.

The revelation came when I started fleeting up with Corpies to salvage missions, sort and sell the loot and divvy up the ISK. Suddenly standings and wallet went up far quicker, opened up more agents and gave me the ability to save for the ship I really wanted. When a cheap hull came up locally, I was able to snap it up and make a quick covert trip to Jita to get some Gucci bits for it. I can now make ISK faster when I do mission, meaning I don’t need to mission as much to support my PVP activity. And of course tax fills the Corp wallet. If only I’d pestered me Corpies to let me x up for missions from the outset.

Doldrums #2
Was offset by the DED Plexing , but the lack of escalations was annoying and then came the losec POS  which was fun and a great introduction to situational awareness, which goes a long way in null.

Dur, just get on with it
So, the gist of this meandering ramble is… EVE is an MMO and the second M is the most important – multiplayer. Maybe the reason I enjoy x’ing up for fleets is like the idea of being told what to do after making my own way for a year or so. Or maybe it’s the camaraderie, the sense of achieving something, the genuine disappointment and empathy when my own, my Corpies or our Corp get popped or the wallet goes down too much. Or maybe I just need to get out more. Actually, I did that once and met real life EVE players. They were real nice too.

Protip, kids – PVP early, x up with missioning Corpies early, ask for help early, ask them for training tips early and hell, even ask for money or stuff too. I didn’t really do any of these, but that didn’t stop them offering and giving me stuff.

3 ½ days to Leadership V.

Fly safe


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