Friday 24 August 2012

Stuff and barges


Right, enough of that fluffy stuff in the last post and I trust that fact that I have got that boring stuff out of my system will provide you with some relief.

3 in, 3 out
Managed to get 3 Corp in fleet last night, the usual EU TZ suspects of course, and we all managed to get home again. In pods, but home nonetheless. So the last two fleets I have been in have been, er, costly, in numbers of ships, but at least we won the ISK war this time. Good fight though, don’t mind the loss so much when it’s a proper pagga and it will always be tough against a well thought out fleet. Shall I go get some more Ruppies then?

New flesh
Interest from recruiting is not too bad, got a few names in the hat to bring in when the time is right.

CCP have just removed tiers from the T1 mining barges, meaning I can now fly them all [trained in a previous life] and given them each a more individual role. It’s all here   I may invest in one of each and chuck ‘em in the indy base, just in case I fancy some rocklicking™ one day. My basic understanding of the rebalancing is this -

Procurer – best tank, for less safe systems
Retriever – biggest hold, for safer systems
Coveter – best yield, for fleet boosted mining with Orca / hauler

Well, I’ve got some of the annoying ‘want to get to IV/V’ shite out of the way, so time to FOCUS. Just over a day to Leadership V, then it’s Large Projectile Spec or Minnie Cruiser V. Undecided yet, large projectiles is more PVE than PVP but an essential component of a PVP niche, Minnie Cruiser to open up Recon / Logi. Probably Minnie Cruiser as I use it more right now.

1,000,000 ISK to the first subscriber to this blog. EVEmail me ingame. And another mil to the first person who tells me what 'Kill Rq.' on Eve-Kill means.

Fly safe



  1. Hi there caisman... I was looking for the answer on the Kill Rq.. and saw yar blog.

    Though I'm sure it is explained somewhere I coudn't find it.. but figured it out myself. Its pretty easy..

    Kill Rq. shows how it gets it answer when ya hold ya mouse on a number.. you see the total amount of kills minus something... but what is this something?
    This number is coming from the total # of members x2

    so if ya corp has 5 members and 20 kills.. the Kill Rq. is 10

    Now Why is there a Kill Rq.
    In my opinion this is simple.. it lets you compare corps with each other even though they have different member counts.

    If a corp of 3000 men has 1000 kills and a second corp has 2 men and 20 kills.
    Then this second corp would look like shit between other corps with 1000s of kills..
    To compare these corps you look at there Kill Rq and not there total kill.

    Corp 1 3000men 1000kills -6000 = -5000
    Corp 2 2men 20kills -4 = 16

    so the second corp is doing WAY better then this big 3000men corp even though they have less total kills.

    Greatings and good luck
    AcE Krystal (eve ingame name)

  2. Thanks AcE, now it makes sense!