Friday 17 August 2012

Aw, thanks guys.


So, my first MOTD in Corp chat had the wrong date but I awoke to a humbling EVEmail to tell me I am the first to be awarded the Corp’s new Ton-up medal in recognition of reaching Corp 100 kills for the Alliance. I would have found out last night, but I’d turned mail & notification blink off because I read somewhere random that it reduces lag when you end up in a pod and helps stop you taking the pod express home. In reality, it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference and funnily enough, the opfor dropping a drag bubble and a bunch of shiny ships with a little green triangle on the top left corner seems to have somewhat more bearing on survival than whether some poxy icon is blinking or not. It’s turned back on now, but the pop-up remains disabled. Can I use that word in Y114? Ok, unenabled then.

Had my first real experience of time dilation last night and the length of time we were stuck in system may well have had a part in the shinys getting the drop. No, that’s not fair – they are one of, if not THE best PVP Alliance in EVE and funnily enough the Corp flew with them in a previous Alliance. NO, WE MUST HAZ SPAI. Anyway, TiDi for those that don’t know is CCP’s answer to lag – it’s explained here.I think we must have been on the same node that was hosting the 400b ISK, 2000-odd man supercap scrap that made EVENews 24 - TiDi was at 10%, meaning everything was occurring [for us] at 10% of the speed it should, so a cross system warp took about 10-15 minutes. Then we warped to a planet and back to the gate again, hehe.

Also managed to get my head around courier contracting last night – well worth a few 1,000 ISK of anyone’s money to get things unscannable in a freighter. Put stuff in GSC > contract GSC to someone to haul, job done. The irritating part is that when I chose to go shopping for the corp, we could have had 3 in fleet and it was a very productive fleet ;)

3 days to Sig. Analysis V

Fly safe


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