Thursday 2 August 2012

Boxes & ISK


Funds are getting low for no other reason than I keep spending it – hulls, mods, skillbooks, ammo, Quafe – you name, I ‘need’ it. One reason I spend more than I should is that I cheerfully followed some internets advice about organising everything in my hangars into separate containers and while this worked very successfully before my PVP conversion, it is proper wrong now.

Containers are great when you have pretty much everything in one station, you can spilt it up into containers named such innovative and original names as keep, sell, ammo, tags, implants, salvage and know where everything is. Whenever you finish cleaning up with the whore ship, you can dump it into whatever container you want and know it is NEAT, TIDY and CORRECTLY ORDERED and this is, or rather was, quite important.

I had already found a couple of problems with this system before my switch to multi station occupancy – you need to pull any blueprints and the stuff required to make other stuff from them into the main hangar and you cant search in the assets or new inventory system for the contents of containers. I could cope with that though, never needed to do it that often.

Now I have stuff in hangars at the carebear station, the carebear station I will soon be using jEveAssets [when I can get it working :P] to tell me what to sell & what to melt, the hisec staging point, the 0.0 PVP base & the 0.0 indy base. AND I NEED TO SEE IT ALL. NOW. Well, I do really as I like to keep the PVP base stocked with any ships I might need and with the current rate of attrition, I end up buying hulls, modules & rigs without bothering to see if I already have any and where it may be, using funds unnecessarily. Of course, I don’t have anything I need as my main hangar is full of the shite I have collected and kept in case it comes in handy one day.

So lets empty all the containers, leaving 2 named Sell & Keep, everything goes in the main hangar, the search functionality works and I can filter using the lovely inbuilt tools such as name, type & meta level that CCP have already provided - game on. Wow, that much shite? Worth how much? Crikey. that’s all going in the indy and getting sold, need to buff Trade & Retail a bit to get enough sell orders and I’ll keep the ammo.

As I can’t be arsed with this trading game at the moment, I have been following a simple plan of what to do -

Haul stuff to trade hub & place in hangar there > check price of item, if less than 100,000 ISK = move back into indy for melting at repro plant I have good standings with. More than 100,000 ISK = check price, maybe sell to buy order if it is more than I would list it at, if not create sell order. No interest in trading means I do not make all I could from it, but WTF – it’s even more dull than missions and it’s all mission loot anyway.  But people will [as do I] pay over the odds for rubbish to save a couple of jumps.  Not sure I would pay it for Titanium or Carbonide plates, but thank you.

I have accumulated a bunch of loyalty points and never used them, but mission loot has given me pre-requisite items needed to trade for LP store rewards & maybe I can make some money off Faction ammo.

1. Pay ISK
2. Give up cheap ammo
3. Give up LP’s
4. Get shiny ammo
5. Sell shiny ammo
6. There is no 6
7. Profit [on some, others not selling - check your Bullworth Burgers, boys]

It can’t be that easy? It is.

Training. Again.
So much still to do, but those friendly chaps in alliance have given me some pointers, so this I’ll finish off some things for myself [xx Shield Comps & Tengu as I’m almost there], then Leadership V, T2 large AC & arty & Minnie cruiser V which will open up Recon & Logi. Unless I put AF / ‘Ceptor in first :P

A Tengu for you.

Fly safe


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