Thursday 26 July 2012



An uneventful roam the other night in which I failed to whore onto any of the 3 kills but did help knock almost 3% off an I-Hub’s shield [with faction ammo, no less :/ ]. It was highlighted however, that KM whoring is not the be all and end all. Eh? - rubbish. More Logi & Recon was needed to support the DPS, so departure was delayed until those who could, reshipped.

So, with T2 Heavy Missiles complete, maybe I should diversify into these shiptypes? 10 minutes of EVEMon and 20 minutes of flying & buying later, a 73 day plan is created and the skillbooks bought with PI to take me into Recon and onto Logi. Then some poor bastard has to rely on me during my first Cleric, sorry, Logi flight - apologies in advance. Might do 10 days of Interceptors and a further 5 days of T2 weapons for it first, though. And look at a remap. Or should I finish all those things that need buffing, such as Thermodynamics, Nanite use and EWAR? This is why I like being the DPS in fleets – very little thinking required until you are in a pod.

Missed last nights roam due to RL issues and was a bit gutted as I could have been #3 from the corp in fleet – normally only 2 of us make it. Great to see one of the corp vets back PVPing though [o/ Mocks] - maybe tonight we’ll do it. Corp KB is looking healthier by the day – top bombing, guys.

Machariel - tidy.

Currently training – see wall of text, above.

Fly safe


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