Sunday 15 July 2012

Thin times


Less smiley happy fun time recently, but such is the ebb & flow of EVE. Less time on means more things to do in a limited time frame – earning money is quite important, but is taking second place to spending at the moment and this can’t continue!

I have only managed to join a couple of fleets recently and not got, er, the most enjoyment from them, but at least I have now lost [at least] one of most things I’ve flown recently - Thrasher, Rupture, ‘Cane, Drake, pod. Ah, the ‘Cane – in my haste to replace it, I cheerfully [no, stupidly - I've been here before...], set out to the local trade hub in my hauler, thinking the old align / cloak / MWD trick would get me out of trouble of any war targets – it didn’t. Must convo the guy to see how he did it.

Saved the pod twice in one night [see above], and got the opportunity to see and use a Titan bridge for the first time earlier in the week, so it was not all bad news.

Was a costly week for the corp, too – some unlucky strikes from WT’s resulted in us undoing a bunch of the hard yakka we had put in to cancel out the CEO’s recent exhumer losses :P

I eventually managed to get the 0.0 PI up and running though – man, what a difference to hisec – so much product comes out of the planets with so little effort, so should start seeing the financial rewards from this soon. Need Command Centre Upgrades V ASAP.

Currently training – Torpedoes for BLOPs fun & games.

Fly safe,


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