Sunday 1 July 2012

Back on the horse


Right, a last bit of PVP tomfoolery before a week in the sun and then a bunch of links I have [and you may] find useful for skills, ideas and the srs bzns of Eve. And I promise to stop banging on about blowing shit up. For a bit.

Fleeted up fully expecting to get popped again, but had a nice result with a 4 minute, 16:2 ratio, 1.4B ISK whupping of the neighbours, with some truly legendary FC’ing. Remember kids – a blob is only a blob if you lose.

Ok, some links to stuff you might find handy. All opinions are mine and based on my experiences – feel free to disagree, criticise or suggest better stuff. Props & credits to all those who have put in all the hard work so we don’t have to.

Get an out of game fitting tool before you buy any ships or mods, as you can bet your last saucy postcard from Gallente Prime there will be some issues in optimising the fit. I use EFT, but other exist such as PYFA & I think EVE HQ has one too. YMMV.

They make the world go round, but skill planning can be the equivalent of a ride from Carlisle to Ulan Bator on a buggered Royal Enfield. I use EveMon to plan it all out, but some favour EVE HQ. YMMV again.

Certificates are a good way to go in getting an idea of what skills you may need, but are not the final solution - Core Competency to Elite would do you pretty well though. Implants will reduce your learning time, but the flip side is they make you reluctant to shoot other people and get shot at.

Jump clones can help with this problem – get a cheap or implant free beta clone to do the dangerous stuff with & have an alpha clone with all the Gucci implants for when you are doing less risky stuff in less risky areas or you are not going to be on for a few days. Remember undocking anywhere could mean a cap in the ass though.

Eve University have a bunch of really useful guides to help you on the way to your plan, as may your corp / alliance. I hope they don’t mind me linking to them. Anything you can’t find – google it with the words ‘eve online’ in front of it. That’s what I did, well still do.

Support skills are really handy to be able to fit stuff using your new fitting tool and as you may have heard, ‘cap is life’. Your choice of career path may also dictate which way you go.

Fly safe

[EDIT 114.07.15: Fly safer than me - see next post]


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