Thursday 14 June 2012

Well, it had to happen eventually


After an age logging in and out to get the new cans [USB, eurgh] to work, setting volume levels and resetting comms / in-game audio levels [o/ raah], I managed to get the Ruppie to the fleet form up point early. This should have got the Spidey-sense tingling on its own, but more of that later.

With destination set, we went through some jump bridges which was a great test of the cans. MAAAAAAN, what a great noise, must sample it - couldn’t hear a word of comms but there you go. There is an option to mute IG sounds when comms are active but that removes the fog of war and that seems to take something away.

Deep into enemy space and things were looking good – an Omen, Talos & Eris all got the good news and the FC couldn’t resist the bait Mach on the gate and my squad were tasked with having a pop, but we only got it to 1/3 shield before its chums arrived, so we safed up.

The scout next door reported ≈ 180 reds next door looking to party, so we… well, did something that involved splitting the fleet with a few of us getting stuck in system by the red fleet jumping in. I must have misheard comms / misread fleet chatter as I then warped to the camped gate, lost the Ruppie, then the pod even though I was spamming warp still in armour. Quick trip home though and as I said in my last post, “they’re only +3’s after all”. Nice to finally lose something though as I can now tick that box and not worry so much about it.

Protip, kids – if you are unsure of what you heard / read – ask someone. Also, if [no, when] you are stuck in a hostile system, bounce round celestials making safes mid-warps, check system exits, use your on-board scanner to check outbound gates before warping and above all -


It will save you some ISK. The corp stats are [still] looking good though, I have a couple of final kills & top damage dealers [WTF?]and have been on both the top killers & top points scorers lists. Briefly & at the begining of the month, but hey.

Currently training – bloody missiles. Still.


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