Monday 11 June 2012

Bye bye hi-sec, hello null


So, alliance fleet it was and 2 more since [possibly, please see Två , below]. Undocked the Fleet Stabber, made it to the jump bridge – wow – turn that ripping of the space-time continuum up loud and enjoy :D

I was late of course, but still caught up with the 10-strong fleet without dieing or pissing the FC off too much. Jumped around a lot, got lost & failed to target the pimp Mach in time and missed the KM. Grrr. Well that will be that then, let’s all head home. After we’ve waited at the gate for the Drake & his mate in the ‘Nado which seem to be following us, of course.


Woo, reds popped, I’m still alive and not in a clone vat. HIGH FIVE and onto 2 KM’s, the first 2 KM’s for the new alliance and the first real ones for me. Now for a quick run home and bed. Only 6 jumps left, then ‘Hold on outbound gate’. Ah, that will be a supermassive red camp stopping us getting home then. Oh well, just a quick dozen jumps to low-sec then 33 hi-sec jumps home, not to worry. Don’t think I made any heinous errors either, other than typing a couple of consequentially insignificant things in Local rather than Fleet.

I’ll be brutally honest - I can remember nothing about this roam, or even who the FC was. I don’t even remember what ship I was in. I had probably been drinking, but there were no ships missing from my hangar and no KB reports of kills or losses involving me. I could even be making it all up, I really don’t know.

1/10, must try harder. Sorry.

Buying and fitting all the stuff I need to play with the big boys has left me rather skint, so a quick check of my assets tab showed all the shite I had left in cheese eating surrender monkey space, which is also a cheap place to pick up a Viator - I trained for this months ago, just in case. And that case is now, as I am in and out of null, with potential hostiles lurking everywhere. OH NOES!1!

Plan - jump over there in the empty, speed fit industrial, buy Viator, sell all the shite I can’t be bothered with, repackage the rest – sod the rigs, I’ll just buy a BPC and build new ones, chuck it all in the Indy, jump back, PROFIT. And I did, too. [o/ HB].

Protip, kids - if you mission & salvage, don’t sell it – sit on it and buy BPC’s to build your own of the more expensive rigs when you need them. I bought just the Ward Consoles to build 4 rigs last night and effectively got 4 rigs for the price of 1 including the BPC. [o/ HB again].

This was only a couple of days ago and I think I can remember it all. Just tooling around shopping & refitting a BS for system defence [in my new Viator, <3], when a message pops up in alliance chat to ask if anyone fancies a short Thrasher roam in a little while. Ok I thought, need my bed, but the corp needs faces in alliance roams – it’s a dirty job, etc. And the CEO was on :P Shipped up with 20 others in the Thrasher & x’ed up to find the destination was 50-odd jumps away. Short, eh? Ah, through a wormhole to the other side of the universe into drone space. Game on. Then made my first proper mistake by clicking jump, rather then warp, got appropriate bollocking, felt bad and PAID ATTENTION for the rest of the roam.  Had my first DC and left behind while the boys gave the good news to an Enyo, but got back on for the Hulk, which then made me feel bad. Briefly.

There really wasn’t much in drone space, but I guess the Russians were all in bed. Until we ran into some guys by their station and my first real fleet battle. Great job of FC’ing calling the shots resulted in 2 Drakes, a ‘Cane & a Discogeddon on our KB. I mashed buttons like a boss, just trying to make sense of what was going on. I remembered to align when the Archon yellow-boxed me and didn’t even see what got me to 10% armour before I warped out to the sun. We started to lose a few ships, so the FC called it & we started our retreat. The CEO unsuccessfully tried to hero a red Thrasher that followed us, but another ‘Geddon showed up & proved to much for him, while we all ran like girls. One of the fleet was a girl in RL, though. Way.

Faced with a 50-odd jump ride home, some bright spark remembered the WH we had come in through and I felt all warm and fluffy inside, as I’d bookmarked it as a matter of routine [o/ Nic].  We made best speed for destination and those still in some kind of space faring vehicle got home to a nice cup of tea made by those waking up in the vats. Or something.

Imagine my surprise to look hopefully in my combat log to see a nice picture of a Drake next to sum wordz..

Blah, blah - FINAL BLOW Caisman - w00t w00t

The KB screen dump is now my wallpaper. And my ‘Systems I’ve Visited’ map on the map is looking much better now.

Currently [still] training – missile support skills to play with the Drake boys. I told you I had none.


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