Wednesday 23 May 2012

It’s Friday, it’s [CENSORED FOR OPSEC],


It’s x-up time!

Well, it’s not but soon will be so let’s get the idea out there.

Questions, questions
Which fleet to join, which ship to take? Which mid-slot mod & can I even find it in the new inventory system? Which of my kids will spew up in bed before the fleet disperses and get me popped light years from home? The only certainties are that it will cost me time & money, either in ammo, ships or cleaning product.

Decisions, decisions
Go with the alliance fleet? Probably won’t fly with me corp muckers, but maybe more chance of getting on a kill report [that’s killmail to you old folk] and [marginally] less chance of getting handed my arse on a plate, all good things for the corp killboard stats which need some input right now.

Go with me corpies? The lack of discipline, knob gags & sheer number of uncoordinated smoke / drink / food breaks will probably ruin it, but hey it’ll be funny as. And imagine the alliance kudos if we bag something as a corp.

Or just whore it up in high-sec – nah, I can always sell some of the kids toys and trade a PLEX.


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