Friday 4 May 2012



I’ve only really been interested in Radar or Unknowns when I explore.  [The scanner can now be filtered to get rid of other clutter].  I probably read somewhere that they were the best.  I use a Helios fit with a Cov Ops cloak, Sisters launcher, Codebreaker & Analyser modules & a Hobgoblin II.  It has a Gravity Capacitor Upgrade for a 10% boost to scan probe strength & a Memetic Algorithm Bank for a 20% boost to the hacking bonus.  I’ve not yet found anything I can’t find [sic] or hack.

Radar’s –
The drone will take care of most rats which turn up while I’m hacking the cans.  Sometimes I get lucky and get some nice loot worth maybe 10-20 mil, more often than not, bugger all.  CCP have apparently fixed the overview so you can see which cans you have already hacked o/ CCP!

Wormholes [Unknowns] –
I will sometimes just have a peek through a wormhole to see where it goes – don’t forget to bookmark the hole on the other side, folks! – I’m sure I will go through one soon enough straight into a camp, but hey – shit happens.

Complexes [Unknowns] –
Great little sites if you get an escalation which could lead you a faction spawn, if you are lucky.  Need to get another cruiser to run these properly as rail = fail against Blood Raiders.

DED complexes –
Not really found through exploration, but by looking at the star map for local reports of naughty rat behaviour.  Only 1/10’s available locally, which only allow a frigate through but they are good fun if they haven’t already been farmed by someone else.  There is faction loot to be had at these sites, not great stuff but good for your own fits.

So, must do more in WH’s this year & try some Mag sites.


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