Thursday 3 May 2012

Happy Birthday


Having been high-sec carebear for the past year & never having been into 0.0, I though I'd treat myself to a null solo roam 'cos everyone knows that is where the real action is.

Jump clone - check
No implants - check
Rookie ship - check
Balls of steel - check
Can of lager - check

Jump headlong into 0.0, align to planet, check local, check d-scan, check overview, do it all again.  What's all the fuss about, there's no-one here. WTF?  Who's locked me?  Why can't I move?  What was that bang? OMGWTFBBQPWND. Spam warp, save pod, jump back into civilized society, dock up, breathe.

So, checking the loss mail, I got whacked by a Sansha BS - I was thinking so much about getting podded off a real PvP'er, I didn't even register the incursion.  Twat.  Why not on overview then?  Because for some reason, although show pirate & NPC's are ticked, they keep randomly not showing.  Good job I am not worthy of Incursion fleets then.

Right lets deselect then reselect show pirate & NPC's, get another rookie ship and jump into an Incursion to check the settings.  They work.  At least I knew I was going to get popped this time.



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