Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Beginning


After learning the ropes through the tutorial missions, I went out and did some missions to get some ISK together and progress through the ship sizes –

frigate > destroyer > cruiser > battle-cruiser > battleship

Once I got into a destroyer, I started the Blood Stained Stars Sisters of Eve Epic Arc and promptly lost a few of them to NPC rats in Mission 27, Burning Down the Hive.  Arnon is called the lost ships capital of EVE due to this mission as it can be the first time you get proper caught by a bunch of web / scram drones.  I was into a cruiser by the time I finished the arc. Er, probably.

At some point during this, I joined a friend’s corp with an eye on training up to play with their alliance in Syndicate, but kept putting it off and the corp left the alliance.  Lesson learned - just get stuck into PVP on day 1.  This did however provide me with my first proper death at the hands of a real person.

For some strange reason, I thought it would be safe to go mining under a wardec.  I cheerfully loaded up an Iteron with a couple of giant secure containers and after checking local for reds, warped to a gate to grab a belt 1 jump away.  As I returned with cold lager in hand, I heard the telltale scream of my shields being hit and found myself in a pod.


Presumably because we were in high-sec, he didn’t pod me and I limped off home thoroughly chastised.  Lessons learned –
1.  Don’t go AFK during wardecs.  Not even for lager.
2.  Think carefully about mining during wardecs.  Well, mining in general really.  Unless you need the minerals to build something or you're watching porn.
3.  Don’t piss off your alliance [& possibly corp] by being a twat.

On the Move
With the Sisters arc complete, it was time to relocate to the corp HQ some 20-odd jumps away.  A nice corpie kindly agreed to freight all my stuff over there for me, taking most of the pain out of it.  He also advised me to leave some kit back there for missioning, but I’ve not returned to it since I left.  A year ago.

I pre-emptively got my own back by not offering to web his freighter on every jump so it could enter warp quicker.


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