Tuesday 1 May 2012



The one question I get asked more than any other, well, the only question I've ever been asked by the one bloke who ever asked and still never made it out of Neverwinter Nights, is what race?  I went with Gallente, mainly because of the RP aspect & er, that’s about it.  It means very little other than looks, the rookie ship & the skills to fly it.  Any and every other race can be trained to the same standard in a few hours.  Caldari birds are the fittest though.

If you have mates in game & you are likely to be joining their corp, you may want to pick the race in which space they are based.  If you mission, you will be missioning [primarily] against specific rats and the best ships to fight them are often those from the race whose space you are in.

Race Description Tank Gank Damage Primary Rats Need
Amarr Slavers Armor Lazors EM / Therm Blood Raiders / Sansha EM / Therm
Calamari Missile chuckers Shield Missiles [+ Rails] Any Guristas Kinetic
Gallente Cheese eaters Armor Rails Kin / Therm Serpentis Thermal
Minmatar Slaves Both Projectiles [+Missiles] Any Angels Explosive

So, Amarr should give the best tank & gank against Amarr rats [Blood Raiders / Sansha].  Of course, you also get missions against [among others] Guristas in Amarr Space & they are weakest to kinetic damage…

So you just cross-train Minmatar / Caldari which have a selectable damage type.  And Gallente drones ‘cos they are the best.  Except for the Minmatar ones.  Cross training also unlocks pirate faction ships, which are great for blitzing those missions.  I cross-trained Minmatar and now have more SP in that than Gallente.

Woo, a Gallente who flies Minmatar in Amarr space.  NURSE!


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