Saturday 5 May 2012

An update


So, carebear for a year - great corp, 3 local L4 agents on the go, some exploration & complexes, an incursion, a few corp roams in low-sec.  All good stuff, but there is plenty more out there I want to try.

1 - Needed a non-rail cruiser for 3/10 DED complexes found through exploration, so I mined the minerals & built a Rupture.
2 - PVP it up - moar low-sec roams and stuff with the corp.  So I've got a jump clone with free mission reward implants and built some Rifters to lose.
3 - Save some ISK, rather than fritter it away on shite.  A bit like RL, this one.
4 - Get Battlecruisers V out of the way to future-proof myself against the rumoured introduction of racial BC skills and set some proper skill training goals.
5 - *Cough*  Get this blog going properly.  *Cough*


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