Monday 21 May 2012

Scary monster


It seems most of the corp felt the same way about the pirate lifestyle, so we had a vote [well the grown-ups had a vote, I just spammed corp chat], the outcome of which was for the corp to join some [very] old friends in a null-sec alliance.


While it is safe to say that I am quite excited by the prospect of fighting people for a reason - man, logistics are a pain in the arse and it’s not really that far either.  Jamyl only knows how it’s done properly.

A week, and most of my ISK later, I have a few ships properly fitted and ready to get popped, er I mean rock in the staging area; updated and moved my clone; moved a bunch of T2 & Meta 4 mission loot that ’might come in handy one day’ closer to the staging area; trained medium T2 autos [w00t] and now I won’t be proper on 'til the weekend.  Well, that gives me some more time to mission whore in the posh clone before I jump into the cheapie, eh?

There is one downside to the move, but no biggie really - it has interrupted the Tengu skill plan I had just remapped for.  Fortunately it’s a Per/Will remap, so T2 autos are good, as are the missile skills I have never bothered with before.

Currently training - not the Tengu but all those little bits you need in PVP to level 3 until this remap has served its purpose - that Nanite stuff, some EWAR skills, being man enough to undock when there's a red in system, you know.

It's too late for you now but it's update day, so queue up a long one - I've thrown Caldari Cruiser V in there just in case.

I will be off to the local hostelry for a few pints of Slavers favourite Amarr Victor later if anyone fancies it.

EDIT: I think that's up to date now.


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