Sunday 20 May 2012



To recap from the last post -

1 – No bloody escalations so not flown the Ruppie yet
2 – Didn’t happen [see below]
3 – Lol
4 – Yay, BC V win!  Bring on the changes CCP
5 – Almost…

The corp joined a low-sec pirate alliance a while back – the same bunch who we toyed with a few times, had a couple of goodfights™ and popped my beloved Momo.  I think I probably dropped the same faction ammo I got off them in a previous encounter - a Myrm for a Myrm and all that.  Nice bunch though – I even did a short haul for one of them.  For free.  I thought he might have given me a few ISK, though.  Fucking pirates.

It was all good - taught me about regular d-scanning, passing / collecting intel and a few of us did some low sec rat anomalies which was different from the yawn of high-sec.  Well, they were harder - I was omni tanked in case of trouble, rather than having a rat specific tank.  And I was mashing d-scan all the time and shitting it when a neutral or red [oh noes!!!1!!!!] popped up in local.  In between repping my inappropriate tank at the station, of course.  Ah needs me a Tengu, boi.

We put up a POS, which was more good experience for a POS virgin, though I didn’t [and still don’t] actually know anything about research, you can’t moon mine in 0.4 and I only got to shoot my own cans with my newly trained Starbase Defence skill.  The corp did well out of it though and that’s what counts.  No, really – we did and it is.

Which is all great, but I don’t actually want to be a pirate and shoot people for no reason other that they took a shortcut through a single low-sec system.  I need a reason and the corp got me one.  Tidy darts.

Currently training - Tengu [see above]


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