Tuesday 12 June 2012

Calamari fail


Well, not fail really. I learnt about anchoring onto a fleet member and that I’m not the slowest in fleet, so you’re primary – ner ner ner. And I fired my first missiles. At the FC. No, really – he wanted to see how fast the logis could rep him. Fast enough to give 20-odd Drakes the brush off, that’s for sure – that’s why they need primaried. The ensuing roam I broke my arse to get back from the [virtual] shops for, was target free but filled in some missing bits on the star map and I fired some missiles. Did I mention that?

The fleet reshipped to Thrashers to go a little more far afield through another WH. A couple of ‘Phoons, Drake, Kestrel & Oracle bit the dust, but we lost a few Thrashers and when local spiked off the chart with reds, we legged it. They chased us a good few jumps and they let my corpie off a podding though, so fair play. Still, +ve on efficiency and I got my first top damage dealer KM. And no bollocking for doing anything stupid. Briefly felt guilt for helping pop a guy in an alliance the corp used to be in [before my time], but he had a monocle so he deserved it.

Also managed to move some more ships around. Again. Now I only need to go to the shops and back once more then do some 6 jump round trips to tidy it up. Moving stuff around does yer swede right in mush.

Protip, kids – don’t fit your ships ‘til you’ve hauled them where you are going. In my haste to get them fitted & rigged for action, I always forget this and have to jump them about to avoid destroying the rigs and end up with bloody shuttles everywhere except where I need them. I could use rookie ships I guess, but the align time worries me – maybe I just need to man up, they’re only +3’s after all.


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