Monday 23 July 2012

Nothing is meant to be convenient. Nothing


Right place, right time, some more top drawer bloc FC’ing, not being primaried often & great logi support when I was, helped us sort the corp stats out a bit last week. Only lemminged once and I don’t think anyone noticed – didn’t get a bollocking for it either way :D

Click approach gate > fuck, that was jump > burn back to gate > jump back > surreptitiously burn back to outbound gate > get halfway through typing apology in fleet chat > ah fuck it, maybe no-one noticed > bump corpie to take the heat off

Just found a great fleet kill with a corpie [o/ raah] & I on as final blow & top damage respectively – great to see the corp logo proudly displayed twice. Would just like to say thanks to the corpies who don’t / can’t PVP for whatever reasons and keep the corp wallet ticking over – you know who you are. Also a big hello to those who I haven’t seen for a while - you know who you are, too – I hope New Eden is treating you well. I shall mostly be whoring this week, to fund the battles we undertake in the glorious name of our beloved corp.

o/ Faz, please see the title of this post [and thanks to the bloke I stole it off]. And here are some swords for you. A sword. Another sword. They are the only ones you will need from now on. Keep up the good work lad & come over and see us ASAP.

Just been playing with EFT / EveMon to see what skills a new pilot needs to get into the basic DPS ships for our fleets and realised just how important those support skills that reduce PG & cap of modules are. Protip, kids - support skills - train them as well as everything else. Hell, just train everything - no such thing as a wasted skill, just those you haven't used yet. Except for Tactical Shield Manipulation V, that is - the only thing that matters is the order. Ol' Louis has some great tips for the basics and some great tips for your overview, too. Thanks for all the work, Louis. Just found this great newbie thread too, enjoy.

Well, with T1 Torps in the bag, it’s time to fly the Stealth Bomber. Except the BLOPS fleets aren’t running anymore, so I took it out for a run and cloaked at a gate snipe for a while to watch the AT X final – mad props to Verge Of Collapse, by the way.

What a dull post, so here's some eye candy for you -

Currently training – 3½ days to Heavy Missiles V, then get HM Spec to IV and put T2’s on the Duck – that gives me 2 races of T2 BC weapons. Like the new missile & launcher graphics by the way, CCP. No idea where to go next though – Assault Frigs / T2 large projectiles / T2 hybrids / Calamari Strategic Cruiser / Amarr HAC? Probably need to stop diversifying & finish all the things I’ve stopped training to do the essential stuff. Let’s go with that.

Fly safe


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