Tuesday 14 August 2012

Ton up


Pain in
Stripped out all that PI last night, stopped the extractors, sacrificed all the wasted materiel to Jamyl and put all the raw / processed mats where they need to be for the factories to refine & process as they see fit. And still made fleet :P Cathartic stuff. Will wait ‘til all processes are complete, rinse and repeat until the factories are empty [or at least balanced] and haul all the excess to the indy station to act as a buffer in times of future PI incompetence. Passive income my arse and up yours Mr. Spreadsheet.

Come in
The true and righteous, cheese eating surrender monkeys, Calamari, hell – even them hippie slaves - are all welcome here. With one caveat.

Apparently I have been made one of the corp recruiters. Crikey Matron, I guess that means I am no longer a grunt. Or maybe just a grunt who recruits. Or maybe I’m just on at the right time. Must request Communication Officer & Personnel Manager roles off the boss so I can spam Corp chat with inane MOTD’s and accept all those applications that will come flooding in when people see the ad. I need to ask for all their stuff but they can keep half their wallet, right? Just need to find out who created the Corp open channel now, but that might be hard work.

Get in
Just found this blog http://www.evealtruist.com/ and I hope you don’t mind me linking it, Azual. Not read a lot so far, but these posts about screen layouts & key binding are excellent. Will try it out soon and report back.

Both Nanites now at 4, 1 day ‘til Thermodynamics gets there. Gentlemen, overheat your weapons.

Oh, up to 102 kills now, 99 of them real. Love it.

Fly safe.


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