Thursday 16 August 2012

Skills & tweaks


Just been looking at some stuff I have missed and thought I’d put it out there.

v2.16 [Inferno 1.2] is out by the way and many thanks to Gripen for the years of graft on this invaluable fitting tool. You can update the damage profiles to see what your resists are vs each Faction / Race / ammo type, I think EVE HQ has this functionality, but never used it myself. Just copy/paste them from here into the config.ini file in EFT, under the Autosave [last] line - you’ll see where they go. They can be reordered as you see fit… Thanks again to the original provider[s]. I have no idea how accurate they are, but hey, everyone else is using them :P

DamageProfile=[NPC] Angel Cartel,480,0,719,3058
DamageProfile=[NPC] Blood Raiders,613,570,60,0
DamageProfile=[NPC] EoM,0,618,1718,0
DamageProfile=[NPC] Guristas Pirates,0,570,3504,0
DamageProfile=[NPC] Mercenaries,90,634,424,108
DamageProfile=[NPC] Mordu's Legion,0,30,70,0
DamageProfile=[NPC] Rogue Drones,86,91,281,964
DamageProfile=[NPC] Sansha's Nation,1945,1598,0,0
DamageProfile=[NPC] Serpentis,0,1627,1320,0
DamageProfile=[Faction] Amarr,1204,1349,0,0
DamageProfile=[Faction] Caldari,0,795,944,0
DamageProfile=[Faction] Gallente,25,781,1127,0
DamageProfile=[Faction] Minmatar,615,310,815,1633
DamageProfile=[ammo] Antimatter,0,5,7,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Null,0,6,5,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Spike,0,4,4,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Multifrequency,7,5,0,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Scorch,9,2,0,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Aurora,5,3,0,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] EMP,9,0,1,2
DamageProfile=[ammo] Phased Plasma,0,10,2,0
DamageProfile=[ammo] Fusion,0,0,2,10
DamageProfile=[ammo] Barrage,0,0,5,6
DamageProfile=[ammo] Tremor,0,0,3,5

Anyone else panic and get racial Cruisers to III, Dessies and BC to V? Good, not just me then. Though it was a fair chunk of time, BC V is a great thing for me as I spend most of my PVP time in BC’s. Little did I know that when I trained it.

Core support skills
An old Alliance mail threw up this nugget about core skills and I can see the logic. Remember kids, if it’s under a week, it’s a short skill!

Engineering 5 - maximize the power grid.
Electronics 5 - maximize the CPU.
Energy Management 5 - maximize the capacitor capacity.
Energy Systems Operation 5 - maximize capacitor recharge rate.
Mechanic 5 - maximize hull strength.
Shield Management 5 - maximize shield capacity.
Shield Operation 5 - maximize shield recharge rate.
Hull Upgrades 5 - maximize armor strength.
Repair Systems 5 - maximize the amount repaired each cycle [but ^ cap use].

KB / Overview
Not had much chance to play with the Altruist KB / overview settings I mentioned in the last post yet, but have moved all windows slightly away from the edge of the screen as suggested and it does make it easier [read feasible!] to see where brackets are when you need to GTFO, which I needed to do last night fo sho. Didn't make it though. I've also moved the locked targets to just above the modules, but didn't get much chance to lock anything and play :/

Currently training
Signature Analysis V. Lock me baby one more time. Or 5% quicker anyway.

Fly safe


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