Saturday 8 September 2012



I have just managed not to log into EVE for several days and no, the PC isn’t broken. The first was the hardest, seeing it SITTING THERE, WINKING, TEMPTING ME. But I persevered and made it through my self imposed EVE ban and have managed to clear the growing list of stuff to do that doesn’t involve spaceships. Of course, blogs, EVEgate, Alliance forums and checking how many days left ‘til Minnie bloody Cruiser V completes via Aura don’t count as not playing EVE. Back in the saddle tonight though :D

Ah yes, Aura is a great little Android application for offline API monitoring of yer EVE characters - it does other stuff as well – database, fitting tool etc but not really explored these yet. Legend has it that there’s something similar for i-Things too.

Before I started EVE, I did a fair bit of ‘research’ on the ol’ interweb to check what I was getting into. So many things caught my interest, but none more than the following two and I apologize for not linking them sooner. If you haven’t already, check them out – utter genius and I will say no more about them other than watch and read the Clear Skies machinima series and INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE’s EVE Online 0.0 Experiment
Fly safe INNO, wherever you may be o7

Take a wild guess, go on.

No-one want that mil, then?

Fly safe


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