Tuesday 11 September 2012

Clones and tings


Spent an entire night running around fitting a new BS for some full-on PVP action just to have the op moved forward a day rendering me unable to fleet up. Up yours, spais! The Hunger Games is a good movie, though.

Next thing to prepare is a ratting BS to leave in null and bin the PVP long enough to use it. Hmmm… Domi? ‘Pest? Citro├źn C4 Grand Picasso VTRi?

Jump Clones
Managed to get a jump clone out to slave space to do some anoms the Corpies seem to be doing well out of, then came the call for BS [above] and a need for a fresh clone, so move to a suitable station and install another JC. Eh? [Quick, petition CCP and ask for them to remove it and take all my ISK for cheating]. I only have Infomorph Psychology III but I created another clone. How does that work? Ah, because the sleeve I’m in [1 unit of spirits to the first to identify the reference], doesn’t count. Obvious really, otherwise you would need Infomorph I just to exist and you don’t. Think I understand now. No matter how many you have they are always in the wrong place or you are waiting out the bloody cooldown and I have now come to terms with the fact that if I want to PVP I will be training slower. Sod hisec PVE, it’s dull and for girls – I’d rather sell my children’s toys for PLEX and donate some to corp. Slightly sun-bleached red Little Tikes car anyone?

Quote of the week
An Alliance mate on the difficulties of distributing rewards for allied mining ops - 'It's not all smokin' bowls n' reggae!'

Minmatar Cruiser V. Haha, tricked you - it’s finished, praise be to Jamyl. Now 10 days to Long Range Targeting V.

In my bid to become accepted by the true Amarr, I really must stop training for slave ships and train for a true ship other than our Shuttle. I renounce Jacus Roden and plead piety at the feet of our glorious leader and know she will inspire me – AMARR VICTOR!!!!

Forget it, I’m keeping it.

Fly safe


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