Thursday 13 September 2012

The Drake is a lie


Apart from the odd ninja session, RL has conspired to reduce my EVE opportunities to a mere twice or thrice a week, so all that jump clone malarkey will probably come in handy for nipping between the appropriate regions to tool around with me muckers, which lets face it, is what it’s all about. That and the KB stats, of course.

Enjoying my last 40-odd days of KM whoring before Logi V completes and I feel duty bound to cleric allies rather than shoot enemies. Not that there have been any suitably sized gangs of enemies to engage recently – 2, maybe 3 roams and 1 Arazu to show for it. Different day / TZ corpies are also having this problem – the rucks are there, but never when I’m on! Least I’ve got a new ship fitted and started to repair the damage that too many Amarr missions have done for my Matar standings.

Quote of the week
A 2006 Corpie on the ignominy of being reduced to buying and flying a Drake for the first time after many years in game

[ 2012.08.24 18:35:23 ] Corpie > I bought a Drake for the 1st time
[ 2012.08.24 18:35:28 ] Corpie > feel dirty
[ 2012.08.24 18:36:12 ] Caisman > and rightly so
[ 2012.08.24 18:37:33 ] Caisman > i now have half my kills with drakes :(
[ 2012.08.24 18:37:43 ] Corpie > ewww
[ 2012.08.24 18:37:57 ] Caisman > never even chucked a missile before
[ 2012.08.24 18:38:13 ] Caisman > i now fly them in a hair shirt
[ 2012.08.24 18:39:39 ] Corpie > kind of hope i lose it on the way in


Fly safe


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