Wednesday 19 September 2012

Pop, null & plants


Tooling about the other night, doing something we probably shouldn’t, somewhere we probably shouldn’t and taking far too long about it, resulted in us getting being well smartied, losing a couple of ships and camped in system while looking for a safe exit. Local spiked further and we stayed still a bit too long, allowing them to get a warp in on us. The anchor warped off to a safe and the command to warp to him was given. Most of the fleet made it out but I was left in the well deployed red bubble to be locked & pointed and have all the EWAR in the world put on me - I couldn’t even lock anything to shoot back. Man, a swarm of those pesky EC-300’s does the job - the only module I could burn out was the I-Field and I don’t think I did that properly either.

The reds graciously offered me a 20mil ransom and kept me everythinged for ever to think about it before getting bored and finishing me off, pod n’all. 51 on the KM, which is some kind of Corp record, I believe. I managed to get home with less hassle than the surviving fleet though. Sorry, rambling.

Protip, kids – STAY ALIGNED and warp early when trouble comes in. If you are not engaging the incoming OPFOR, of course. I know this and even worse than that, I do it all the time but obviously needed the reminder. Don’t wait blindly for fleet orders for the most basic stuff you should be doing anyway.

Some good came out of it though, the rest of the fleet got away, I refused to pay them pesky piwates any money just for them to blow me up anyway and I politely declined the kind offer the CEO made to reimburse the loss. I’ll keep it in the bank for later ;)

The emptiness of null
Fleet went out recently to pastures new [for me] looking for some bots to pop, but apart from a couple of pilots unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was empty, really empty. [Sorry about the trousers, Mr Tengu – not dry clean only I hope]. CTA then came via FC to return home to help with a problem there, but that had waned away too. At least it gave me some to get the replacement ship in and move some of that bastard PI about. I say bastard, but it paid for the ship I lost. Little bastard, then.

Useful implants
In EFT, fits are often worked out using ‘All skills level V’ making some of the fits quite tight if you don’t have all the required fitting skills to V. The most common problem I have found comes with the power grid and it is the most easily sorted with a cheap implant. The Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Engineering EG-601 gives you 1% more PG to play with and means you don’t necessarily need to wait 3 weeks to train Advanced Weapons Upgrades from the IV you all have, to the V you wish you all had, to fit that 7th T2 heavy launcher on your Drake. Not that it will matter when they nerf missiles this winter. However, as someone who knows far more than me said - 'Battleships should be the king, not Battlecruisers'.

Another useful implant which I have just discovered is the Zainou ‘Gypsy’ Signature Analysis SA-701 which yep you guessed it, gives a 1% bonus to scan resolution, reducing lock times and enabling more KM whoring. Not that I advocate that.

While working out if it would fit in my head with the EG-601, I have realised that the implant codes have all been redone to make them understandable by the idiot, sorry, layman. Ignore the ‘Inherent Implants ‘Squire’’ malarkey and just look at the code EG-601 – EG = energy grid [what it affects], 6 = slot 6 [where it goes in yer loaf], 01 = the percentage increase it gives [1% in this case]. If I had paid attention to this,  I would have known already.

Of course, implants are destroyed when you are podded, but meh. Just cash some of the squintillion LP’s you earned when you were a carebear and get more.

Quote of the day
Alliance member getting his priorities right for a recent daytime CTA -
[21:41:59] Alliance member #1 > I'm off to bed. Gotta be up early to phone in sick :P
[21:43:01] Alliance member #2 > now that's dedication

2 days to LRT V.

Fly safe


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