Thursday 27 September 2012

The lure of the carebear


Police state

Thinking about some time out of null to catch up on a few hisec things such as repairing Minmatar status, Incursions and the quicker training times of a better clone. Maybe wait until Logi V is complete, finish the Tengu plan and hook up with an old ex-corpie to shoot the shit, share some finest Gallentean herb and have some exploration fun and games. Might even get some bling out of it.

Those in the know tell me that the best resources for anything Incursion are How to Run Incursions and the Nexsoft fitting guides and let’s face it, any one who uses the following statement has got to know what they are talking about –
Please take care while running incursions of any size immediately after Escalation is released. CCP have of course never failed to deliver high-quality bug-free content, but just in case they do keep half an eye on the screen which isn’t playing cartoons about ponies.
I will probably wait until T2 large projectiles and / or blasters have been queued & cooked before carrying on with incursions, but watch this space.

A more pressing thing than keeping the slaves happy is picking the indy side of things up a bit. I have come to terms with the fact that I [and indeed one] cannot create the perfect PI set up that produces all resources equally, but I have a setup that makes me a worthwhile profit for minimal work and I have just realised that the storage area in the CO’s is plenty large enough to hold any overstocks of tier 1 or 2 resources that may be produced and at least the import/export taxes go straight to the Alliance and not Interbus. When they are getting full, I can clear out the overstocks and either haul direct to market or allow the factories to run down and use them up. More hauling vs. less profit – this will be highly dependant on the ‘be arsed’ factor at the time.

I should be able to get a barge and a basic PVP ship JF’d to the indy staging area for some boosted mining ops, so short term plan is to get them bought, fitted and into the pickup location. Then chew some rocks for a bit between reshipping to repel boarders. Must speak to those that know mining for barge types & fits first, as it is all new to me – biggest thing I have mined in is a Navitas. Which reminds me of this little gem – Mining with Planks.

Quote of the day
FC of the Alliance birthday roam declared local chat open for abuse, then promptly trumped all comers by immediately posting this reply to the first red who posted -
[ 2012.09.22 19:48:27 ] red > was that ur hero or what?
[ 2012.09.22 19:48:36 ] FC > stfu bitch
Maybe you had to be there.

And absolutely nothing to do with carebearing, but I want [and some might say, need] one of these

Logi V, 3 weeks. The things I do for the Alliance.

Fly safe


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