Wednesday 3 October 2012

Gambling ≠ billionaire


Born to lose

So, like so many others I checked out this Somer Blink microlottery this weekend. So far I have won a couple of things I’ve cashed in for ISK, an Ares and another ship which I will decide what to do with when I work out wtf they are. Still up on the initial investment though and they give you 150 mil credit if you buy a GTC through them. There will only be one winner in the long run.

Made my first bil
In losses :P
6 pods, 3 Drakes, 3 Thrashers, 3 ‘Canes, 2 Ruppies, 1 Naga, 1 Itty V, and not to forget old Momo the Myrm. His spirit still lives on in Son of Momo who is docked up somewhere in the depths of Metropolis helping me repair Minnie standings.

Fortunately this weeks, er, alignment issues [saved the pod twice \o/] have been offset by some top Corpie KB action, keeping the Corp stats respectable and the Blink wins took the sting out of it. I'll penalise my own stupidity [again] by buying some hulls for the Corp [again] as the last ones I put in the hangar seem to have gone [again]. I think I took a Thrasher once. Best get on the deep space comms to my trusty cruiser & dessie builder and fire up the Transit to go pick them up.

After losing 2 in 2 days, I was reluctant to take out the new shiny I bought a little while back and took the Fleet Stabber round the block to shoot a couple of bubbles.

Wannabe FC
Like all PVPers, I see myself as a backseat FC – align, warp to outbound, hold on gate, primary the Scimi’s, don’t bump the fucking Titan, who fucking lemminged? - well how hard can it be? Obviously I am lulled into a false sense of security on this one as I don’t think I’ve flown with a bad FC. Just a couple of things to learn – what ship does what [only 200 or so to remember], what tactics / ships / fits / ratios to ask for, where to go, what might we find when I get there, how to get home again – just a couple of things.

Military intelligence is a military discipline that exploits a number of information collection and analysis approaches to provide guidance and direction to commanders in support of their decisions.

Of course, I am but a DPS grunt and know nothing of such witchcraft, but if I ever want to step up to the plate and use Leadership for anything other than making me feel IMPORTANT, I need to get on and learn stuff. A few useful things I have seen and had recommended to me are Korgan Nailo’s quick reference sheet, Kiritsubo’s ship reference card and EVE Uni’s [again, sorry :P] alphabetical ship list. Thanks once again to the people who put real time [no doubt when they are supposed to be working] into these guides. I can’t vouch for the content, but I have the first 2 printed, laminated and next to me on the sofa with the jump bridge and local tactical maps. Never used any of them, but they are there. The thing I use most in a PVP fleet is the Dotlan site for checking systems and keeping some directional awareness going. Ombey does a great 2d map pdf which is always worth having, but I personally find Dotlan easier and quicker to navigate.

It begins with L – guess.

Oh, they are small shit I can't fly so I'll cash 'em in.

Fly safe


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