Tuesday 16 October 2012

In search of space


Warrior on the edge of time
In a departure from the Caisman norm of droning on about what I’ve done, I have thought of something else to drone on about. Preparing for DUST 90125, CCP have just announced these changes to the chat windows, which I am looking forward to seeing in the flesh when I log in tonight. Reading the accompanying thread, I see the usual requests for the removal / delay of the local channel member list in null as in W-space.

Choose your masques
My take on the EVE lore of it is this - in W-space, there are no gates or stations [POS excepted] and therefore no means of Concord monitoring who goes in or who comes out of a system, whereas in null there are both. This feeds the information to the local channel and explains why local is immediate in K-space [hi, lo & null sec] and not in W-space. Following that lore, stations could be said to have similar monitors feeding into local for those logging in or out.

When you jump through a WH [from K-space], you would remain in the local channel of the system you entered from as there would be no means to monitor your departure. You would remain in this channel until you either spoke in WH local and appeared there, re-entered K-space and either activated another gate / station, appeared on grid with another pilot or committed an act of aggression [which currently alerts Concord anyway – think of the 1 min aggression cool down timer.]. This would give those exiting WH’s a tremendous advantage of surprise to the natives as they wouldn’t know anyone was there until they appeared on grid. Remember that WH’s can link K-space with no W-space in between.

The flaw and exploitability of this of course, is that one could simply log out and then back in to disappear from local. So log on and off [in K-space] should also trigger appearance in local [think of Concord monitoring pilot numbers in space as it currently does].

Or just keep it the same. Discuss.

Fly safe.


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