Tuesday 6 November 2012

Dead men tell no tales


All the aces
I foolishly offered to undertake some shite jobs that other corpies are too clever to accept. Following the success of Operation Sort the Corp BM’s [no bad feedback as yet - give it time], Operation Sort the Main Hangar is next and requires a couple of evenings in hi sec doing nothing but. Operation Collect the Sov Fees now has its own carefully crafted spreadsheet that both works and doesn’t give ######## anymore as the columns are wide enough for the figures. Only took an hour to work it out.

Talking head
Corp has been having another recruitment drive and we have a couple more new folk on board which is always good. Chatted to a recruit from the last batch and he’s getting on fine – just needs dragging kicking and screaming into PVP, as did I. Fuck it, it’s only toy money / real money / pixels / time / arguments with the missus / numbers on a screen – DO IT, son. Ooh, listen to me the PVP pro. Joke, kids – I am not in anyway pro at anything.

For some reason known only to themselves, the main corp director & the CEO have promoted me to a director role in the corp, presumably due to all the perceived work I am putting in. I reckon it was just to pacify me after training exclusively for bloody Logistics for 2 months, but hey. Bloody hell, what a lot of buttons that opens up in the Corporation tab. Best not click any of them then and no more quickly doing anything in that window while doing anything else.

Sweet revenge
And on the subject of Logi, here is an interesting post from ol’ Jester regarding Logi V. Least it’s in the can now and can’t wait for decent T1 logi to lose.

Went out in my first bomber fleet last night – wow, what a rush. Frig V, Covops I, Meta torp launchers and T1 bomb launcher – train it now. Don’t embarrass yourself beforehand by asking the wrong alliance FC for a fit for his fleet though. Still, he kindly gave me one [o/]. I failed my trial bombing run on the actual FC, but at least I had remembered to offline the launcher so I don’t owe him a ship. Off we went with plan in hand - skulking, sneaking, cloaking, warping @ 30 to set up for runs. I managed one successful run [out of 2] but I was little late launching so only got a pod – still one bomb one kill works for me. Fired the torps in anger for the first time and whored final blow too. Good result from the evening as the only other time I have taken the bomber out was to sit cloaked off a gate and watch the ATX final. Still, I had more luck than my corp compadre who passed his trial run but who’s bomb was involved in a blue on blue [or is that purple on purple?] with the FC’s pod :P And I’m still not sure what the plan was. Want more of it though.

Er, dunno. Life is meaningless without Logistics to train. Little T2’s for some small shit probably.

Fly safe.


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