Monday 26 November 2012

All roads lead to ausfahrt


So low
Been hit by blog ennui recently, sorry. It’s over now.

Mr In-between
In between hi & null at the moment, hisec for grinding and hauling to the trade hubs to shift the loot and slowly build that PVP wallet up again. Also fitted a new null ratter BS and a cheap whore salvage boat and got them into null to start er, null ratting, something I have never experienced before. Also managed to move some JC’s into systems that I may actually use them. Still got one in the back of beyond in slave space for the anoms I have never bothered with, but I’ll leave him there. Again, the sheer logistics [and blind luck] involved in moving shit in null never ceases to amaze me.

I am obviously shiteing it about null ratting – blah blah hard spawns, blah blah reds in system, but just popping the weenies off the gates while roaming gives enough financial benefit to make it worthwhile. Probably.

The future is a past
I spoke about some offline corpies coming back online recently and another one has come out of the woodwork and already started to set up the corp indy arm again, which is great news – we lose shit – he builds shit – we buy said shit off him – we go on corp mining ops to give him shit to build shit with – business stays in corp – lovely. And more importantly, we have another great guy online and [at least] one more oldie on the way.


Intel – use it. If it is more than 1 minute old, it is worthless. [Protip, kids - enable timestamp on chat windows]. Was flying logi the other night on the other side of the universe and faced with 40-odd jumps home – I know what you’re thinking and no, I didn’t AFK autopilot. Kept with the [loose] fleet but detoured via the trade hub to update some sell orders and by the time I got to one jump from home, most others were docked up and AFK.

For some reason my voice comms rendered me inaudible to those still on TS, intel had reported some earlier reds had been cleared out and the last time stamped report, some 3 minutes ago reported inbound gate clear. I needed a bio and bed, so I cheerfully jumped in to find a bunch of reds on gate scramming something else. Shite. Spam warp to station and hope. I sure needed a bio after that.

Fortunately I had jumped in mostly aligned so got to warp and safe real quick, then a convo opens up from alliance mate who had jumped through successfully a minute before telling me the gate was red. He also told me that one red was in a Sabre and thank god they didn’t bubble. Word.

I’m dreaming and I can’t wake up
Back to PVP and a couple of great roams [including the one above I was returning from] through largely empty null at the other end of the universe and both ending up traversing low sec – DPS one night, then logi the next gave me some fun times, a couple of juicy KM’s and a cerebral workout. The first roam nearly ended in disaster [though it was paid for by then ;P] when the locals hot dropped us low sec, but just a fraction too late to catch us. Still, mad props to them for being prepared to take 30-odd sec status hits to have a go. The second ended up with us using someone else’s bubbles to camp their own hisec exit gate and kill them. Quite bizarre, really.

‘Til I die
Still not had the ‘Ceptor out in anger, but 9.5km/s overheated is not to be sniffed at. And sniff that lovely burning smell is all you do, as 2 or 3 cycles of overheat toasts everything in a frigate hull. Moar nanite paste pleez.

Logi Is the new DPS. On my 15” non-wide laptop, it is all windows and no space view, but hey, it is rather intense and makes me feel that the 2 months spent training Logi and its bitches was worth it. Gives you a real feel for who is doing what on the battlefield, too. Looking forward to the rebalances on Dec 4th and really looking forward to all the patches to fix the broken stuff CCP ‘haven’t touched’ on Dec 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Note to Santa – new i7 17” widescreen laptop please.

Large projectiles V for all the PVE I’m doing lately, 5 days.

Fly safe


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