Wednesday 7 November 2012

Wheels of steel


Freeway mad
In opposition to a previous post about never grinding missions again, I have been grinding missions again, hence the lack of rubbish to write. Some fun times though – corp have restarted ’Man-love Sundays’ at a 100% tax rate to fleet up, mission and buff the corp wallet to pay for all the shite we lose as wannabe 133t PVPers. Made a nice contribution then a couple of us lost shinys to Worlds Collide – scram > web > full room aggro > pop > target CEO > repeat. Real men cover their own losses.

Suzie hold on
Really nice to see a corpie back who has been AWOL for far too long. Not only is it great to have her back, but she is a real life girl. Way. She is also a mission whore who can buff the wallet while we empty it :P With any luck she will drag another ex CEO and their mate back in and we’ll be laughing all the way to the Crystal Boulevard of Caille.

Stand up and be counted
Well, I did last night and after a mad hi sec rush to get to the WH which turned out to be a mahousive trap [I never got there], we reshipped to Bombers, I got no kills and even better than that, got smartied [along with everyone else] by the resident alliance [and ex-corp] tranny. Hoho – more shopping to do in between grinding. Pod saved again though o/ Proper glad I buffed those trade skills for selling mission loot and I also need to cash in some more LP for faction crystals and flog them, though I’ll never get that Navy Apoc at this rate – see kids, PVP just takes over. Didn't I have some PI somewhere?

Just unlocked Interceptors, so I shall be losing some small shite over the next few weeks when normal PVP service is resumed. I’ll buff ‘Ceptors & Small Rail Spec to IV, then it’s T2 large AC’s to get some me time in the queue.

Fly safe.


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