Tuesday 9 October 2012

Dissident aggressor


Sad wings of destiny
Sad news this week as a great corp is leaving the Alliance, but this has been ameliorated some by the news that an ex-corpie is bringing his current corp in and our founding member has rejoined – happy days. IIRC, he was FC’ing for my first proper PVP loss when losing shit seemed to mean something – remember that, kids? Welcome back one and all.

Crikey, just got final blow on someone in lowsec and I won’t be doing that again. What do you piwate guys do for the 15 minutes after you’ve done it, rat to get the sec back up? Protip, kids - Don’t forget to add the guy you gave kill rights to your watchlist – just in case. There’s a lot of debate on the EVE-O forums about how broken lowsec is, but I really can’t comment. There do appear to be some new changes to criminal flagging coming up soon, so let’s see if it makes a difference. Whatever, the charts are nice.

Victim of changes
A few other changes are also mooted by CCP - live events , and a bunch of ship rebalancing Not read much but they seem to involve some frigates. Like the idea of Logi frigs. Check the forums – cruisers get some love, there are new destroyers, a mining frigate and everyone’s favourite ships get a shafting that some may consider long overdue to either help the Goons or hinder the Goons depending on what episode of Firefly is currently on repeat.

Not going to have much game opportunity for the next little while, so JC’d back to hisec to get the training times down as there is a bunch of stuff I’d quite like to train that doesn’t involve Logistics ships. Also need to toady up to the Minmatar Elders while keeping the Empress happy. New boy corpie got me started with a local Slave corp [o/] and so the standings juggle begins – 16 + faction for one, 16 + faction for the other... Fuck the overflowing PI silos, they’re not going anywhere and I’ve just sold the last lot and bought some hulls for the corp. #1 corp PVP chum is also away for a bit but we shot some shit last week so as long as no-one does anything too stupid, the oh-so-important KB stats should be ok. Let’s hope there isn’t a CTA :/

You don’t have to be old to be wise

But you need to be old to have trained what you want. Like Logistics.

Fly safe. For Trevor.


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