Saturday 16 March 2013

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He knows
Right, the overview. Been playing about a lot with this and tried pretty much all of the ones listed on the EVE Uni page. They each have their good points and bad and I have made the remarkable discovery that you CAN have the best of both worlds, but only because someone else has put a bunch of time in for you. So gratz & mad props [check me, kids] to Louis deGuerre , Tau Cabalander, Sarah Schneider, Brother Benthor & EVE Uni for compiling it all in one place. Some other ideas here.

You know
I have been happily using Louis Epic Overview settings for the last couple of years, it all makes sense and fits how I work. With Retribution though, came more timers and categories of criminal I need to know if I can shoot [if told to by the FC, ofc] and Louis default colourtag / background settings now made everything orange, which for some reason annoyed me although according to our FC, burnt orange is the new fashion colour. He is however, Dutch. And bonkers. I digress. I wanted Louis’ profiles with less orange and Gucci bolt-ons. What to do? Play. I discovered you can import different profiles from different packs, delete the profiles you don’t want [bigger screen meant I could see this option for the first time – it’s at the very bottom of the rt-click menu – d’oh!] and save modified versions of the ones you do like.

He knows
So I tried these packs and made these rash conclusions -
Louis - familiar, make sense and works well for me, just too much orange
Tau - only gives colourtag / background advice
Sarah - custom ship labels and coloured tabs, but unfamiliar with profiles
Brother Benthor – great ship type specific profiles, but not Louis’

You know
Blah, blah, blah. I wanted Sarah’s custom ship labels and coloured tabs as they totally rock and Tau’s colourtag & background settings as I like to see stuff flashing [Tau vs Louis is explained here] Louis’ profiles had to stay as his idea of what brackets you need is spot on, but I didn’t need some and wanted to add some ship specific ones like Brother Benthor has.

He knows
This is how I did it in 10 simple steps. Mmm, chubby Claire off Steps, mmm.
1, export current settings – details in Louis guide.
2, import just the Global settings from Sarah’s pack and refresh ship tab
3, import all profiles from Louis and verify
4, fix clolourtag & background per Tau
5, change tab labels to what I want [travel, red, blue, op alpha, op bravo]
6, assign profile to tab [write the name down if you are dinny]
7, edit profile [name will change to ‘not saved’ hence writing it down]
8, save as whatever you want [eg blue - logi for your logi buddies]
9, repeat 6-8 as desired
10, export to save

This of course, is far too simple and gives me the result I want, meaning I have probably missed something and will die horribly in a fire again and again. Oh well. I could probably just have used Sarah’s and imported Louis’ bracket profiles, but hey.

/wall of text

Fly safe


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