Thursday 11 April 2013

Peace sells


But who’s buying

Another month flies by and at last most doctrines are open to me, as the only turrets missing at T2 are large hybrids, of which, V is in the cooker. Realized today I have never fired lazors or artillery of any size. I must rectify this soon.

Less success as Director of Recruitment - applicants are not replying to follow-up mails and characters I find, seem to enjoy piracy while we don’t. The hardcore of the corp is good though and we have now been in this alliance for nearly a year, which is a corp record. 5.15 is the magic number.

Feb looked a bit dismal on the KB as I tried to pull the logi together a bit and failed each roam to get a KM add – must mail high command to see if I can be trusted with the password. I think this would be a great way to get people into logi as everyone has a bit of KM whore in them and judging by my inability to lock anything before it pops in recent fleets, some have more than a bit. To be fair, some FC’s do dish out free Scythes pre-roam which helps and of course, some people actually like flying logi.

However, March was ok and there’s a few on the board for April already, so a logi-ing I will go for a couple of weeks. Gotta keep the corp as #2 1337 killah in the alliance, though.

In my darkest hour
The alt is now merrily mining away to keep his younger brother in ships, though I’m sure that geddon thing those dirty piwates do will rear its hydra-like badness soon enough and cost me something. Better sit down and work out how much mining he has to do to fund one barge. Also need to buff his refining skills and build up a little bit of standing with an NPC corp.

All pilots have an inherent 37.5% refining efficiency. Some internet trawling tells me that when using a station with 50% base yield, Refining V with Refinery Efficiency IV and a 3% refining implant gives 100% yield, whereas Refining V and RE V only needs a 1% implant [Tau Cabalander & EVE Uni again, thanks]. Refining implants are the Zainou ‘Beancounter’ Refining RX-80x – check your LP stores, kids.

Refinery tax is worked out at 5 - [0.75 x personal standing] %, so one requires a standing of 6.67 to achieve a 0% tax rate. Alt has no real skills for any red cross shooting, but can fly indy’s alright, so distribution missions it is. Fortunately, there is a L1 agent in his home station. Tidy darts.

Large Hybrid Turret V, 18 days.

Fly safe


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  1. Yeah, recruitment is tough. You just have to keep at it, but results are often very low percentage.

    I don't have the multitasking skill to try and ninja killmails when I fly logi as I find it hard enough keeping people alive or myself so the scout/logi killboard plugin is handy.

    If you want the scout/logi password on the killboard, pop me an evemail as I probably have it saved somewhere. Its a little buggy though, but if it gets more people flying logi's, that's cool.