Monday 25 February 2013




Well, a quiet month for me – in the few roams I have managed, I have flown logi in an attempt to help build up some logi love in alliance and the bloc roams have been bloody structure bashing or utterly devoid of targets – ‘should have been here last night, mate’. Thanks. 1 kill. Dreadful. On the upside, long time RL bud, corpie and proper PVE / PI whore has thrown off his carebear shackles and is now happily blowing up heathen shit in the name of the Empress. He has even forced the usual corp #1 killah to fly fast tackle to keep up with him. Nice job matey. AMARR VICTOR!

So, I settled down for some serious DPS action the other night but the laptop power socket went again, but nothing that shouting at the bloke who ‘mended’ it last time in a shop full of punters couldn’t fix in 30 minutes. New PSU to boot as they didn’t have the right socket. And a new laptop is ordered with a quad core and a bit more screen real estate to see WTF is going on other than bloody windows.

The bitch is moving along nicely with those trading skills that reduce sales and order tax [Accounting & Broker Relations] in order to sell the mission loot / hangar crap that keeps appearing. Contract the shit back to the main to melt and make PVE ammo and keep the salvage to make rigs. I should probably look at making and selling rigs, but those pricey numbers [Large CCC / CDFE’s] eat up the salvage and I’d rather make the money elsewhere and keep a buffer of salvage for when I don’t want to pay 20mil for a rig. Rig BPO’s are so cheap, that if you have enough salvage you can save a ton of ISK. Must look into buying the raw salvage and making rigs from it to sell, as 4 Large CDFE’s is 100mil in the bank.

New PC incoming means a clean install of the client and redoing all the settings that entails. Might be time to try all those things I talked about in some previous posts – build myself a new overview from scratch using the EVE Uni guide as I really don’t use very many of the ones in Louis [admittedly great] settings and tool around with Azual Skoll’s great ideas [scroll down] on all kinds of PVP shite such as keybinding and screen layouts. The Altruist is a really great blog, which actually tells you stuff you need to know, not just some twat banging on about rubbish.

Found a great tip about PI on FHC the other day [page 5 is where it’s at] and I will implement this when next in the PI system.

I currently use 3 planets – P1 [processed materials] on 1st planet + P1 on 2nd planet, then ship to a 3rd [factory] planet to make P2 [refined commodities] and subsequently P3 [specialized commodities]. If I was to use 4 planets to make 1 P1 each, then ship to a 5th [factory] planet, I would increase [double?] my yield and therefore profit. Mmmmm, profit. Could probably do with CCU V though and no time to train that until large lazors is complete. The bitch could do it though…

Just browning off Large Energy Turret V, will take the remaining pulse & beam specs to 4 [maybe just 3 for large], then either CCU V or surrender monkey Cruiser V to have them all up there. Or Large T2 Rails. And I now wanna fly Cap ships too.

w00t, some actual information there, enjoy.

Fly safe


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