Monday 4 February 2013

Ah, that's better


Fear not subscribers [ah, ok], my ‘oh noes, lost some ISK again’ huff taking me out of PVP for a couple of weeks to carebear my back up to a reasonable wallet balance, is over. After trading of all the mission loot to the trade alt to flog, I have discovered this new feature on Aura for Android where you can see not only the combined balances of all linked characters and a monthly cash flow statement. I was minus half a bil in January. That’s even after all the mission rewards, selling a bunch of loot and having bugger all to show for it. Easy come, easy go.

You can also see their combined assets at market price, which made me feel a little better about having no free ISK, as I can now see where it went, apart from contract stuff & PVP losses now totalling 2-odd bil, of course. And now the API feed for the alt seems to have stopped importing to Aura and I have no idea why – I wasn’t drunk last night, just updating sell orders and shouldn’t have clicked anything I shouldn’t. Still, this month’s cash flow will get off to a good start when it does link.

I ran out of Trit, of all things, to make PVE ammo and had to buy some, eurgh. Alt has moved all the cheap shit to the melting station for me to melt and build more now though. I shot around 20,000 rounds of EMP L, plus some Plasma and a bit of Fusion. In 3, maybe 4 nights. Probably 900 presses of F1 if they weren’t on auto-repeat. T2 AC’s FTW.

I got Security Connections up to IV and this has brought that NApoc even nearer, just as they have dropped 100mil in price in a month. w00t bloody toot :/

Even though large T1 lazors / hybrids seem no longer to be regarded in the same light as leprosy, Sharpshooter V is cooking to open up large lazor / hybrid spec when the respective large turrets are up to V. And salvage drones are shite.

Fly safe


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