Friday 4 January 2013

Y114 Round up


Well, what a busy year. The last 7 months has seen me move from carebear to PVP’er and I am now really only in hisec when I have >24h off EVE, and then mostly logged off in station until I log back in & JC out to null again. Really need to train some social skills & grind for a bit though. Maybe I will take January off PVP. Lol.

I have added Logi, ‘Ceptors, Recon, Caldari, Amarr, the first T2 guns, the first missiles, lost my first proper shiny to a mission and am no longer limited to being a DPS grunt in fleets - it’s good fun though. Hell, I have even trained some Gallente stuff, got PI working in null and given ISK to noobs. I have been promoted to a corp director and seemed to have gained the reputation I long ago had in D&D, of being Carol Vorderman.

Low points have been a miserable failure to get any RL mates into EVE [though a bloke from the work IT dept tried it for a couple of weeks] and something else I can’t quite put my finger on – ah yes – I don’t think anyone actually reads this blog.

Highlights have been being on 1st PVP killmail / top damage / final blow, seeing a Titan for the first time, hearing the noise of a jump bridge, the rush of a 24 jump ‘tactical redeployment’ from a dead end pocket through hostile space, my 1st cap kill, helping drag the corp KB stats up from 50% to 80% after some heinous losses, getting 100 kills, losing >1 bil of ships, causing fires, dying in fires, saving the pod, spending Brobdingnagian quantities of ISK on shit, but most all hanging out, fighting, repping, bumping and laughing with those folk I am honoured to call my corp and alliance mates – I salute you all.

Fly safe, brothers and sisters.



  1. I have read this post at least :)

    Fly well

    1. Thanks Foo, liking your musings & thanks for the add to the Blog Roll :)

      Fly safe.

  2. I'm reading it all again, and loving it!