Wednesday 2 January 2013

The Skillnaught


Well, that wasn’t so bad. Some chat issues where on log in, the channels opened up sequentially about 5 minutes apart and then I couldn’t switch channels until the member list had loaded for the current channel, the usual black screen on undocking – nothing that a good old cache clearance didn’t fix.

Some weird fucked up thing on the skill queue training times though – I JC’d from empty PVP clone to Gucci clone [and then a CTA went up – grrrr] and the training time went up – whafu? This only happened on the skill actually training though – the others showed the correct time. Maybe I’ll bug report it and get a free PLEX or something. Loooooool. Maybe not.

Out and about
Certainly a bunch of people in corp & alliance had worse issues and the planned op was cancelled. Corpie asked if I wanted to do something, so we shipped to the old favourites for one last ‘BC of old’ fling. This was a big thing for me as it was the first time I had been out and about just tooling around null without being in a formal fleet. I was in good hands though – he was FC’ing from the womb and knows EVE far better than I. After he realised I had more raw EHP, I was first to jump in system which was a great learning experience.

Seeing all the empty space, I guess a whole bunch of other people were having worse post-patch problems than us. Roaming to the usual high activity areas we saw nothing, so sat on a gate for a while with some blues and got a random red into structure before he jumped. I say we – I had me corpie locked to check out the new targeting graphics and he ended up with a volley of the Caldari Navy‘s finest. Sorry mate. Still, no hard feelings – he bought me 2 armour hardeners I needed from another system. I love this corp.

With nothing pinging in intel, I took us into some more local space, but again no dice until a red Talos showed up 70km off the gate. We ummed & ahhed a bit, then a blue Falcon jumps in resulting in this little gem from the red –

[21:22:26] [red] > retards
[21:23:09] [red] > you can fuck yourself with that falcon

Priceless, but fair comment, so we went and did a complex corpie had scanned down earlier, which was the first real test for the ratting ‘Pest – you gotta love perma run LAR fits.

All these new ships and no idea what to put in them. As I am an EFT man and also impatient, so as it was not updated IMMEDIATELY [sorry Gripen, it’s great work you do for the community], I’ll give PYFA a go. Then I can buy and lose some new ships without any derisory remarks about my fittings.

All the new things
So a few new skills released this patch, I still hadn’t bothered with those from the last patch and Aura shows a whole bunch of green ticks that I might be interested in at least injecting and level 1or 2 ing. This means only one thing – NEED NEW SPREADSHEET!!1!!! So, I now have 30-odd skillbooks to buy and inject, but when alliance / bloc calls for something, the chances are I can probably fly it. Badly, but at least it shows willing.

Just level 1’d a few things I had injected but not started, now 1 ½ days to Science V, buy and start 30 little-uns as described above and back on track for well, dunno yet. Amarr BS & lazors? Caldari BS? Recons?

Fly safe


Y115.01.02 EDIT: I never posted this for some reason, so here's the update -
Training skill glitch was indeed a glitch and those affected were reimbursed the 75k SP they probably lost.

Never bothered with PYFA as Gripen rules the world.

All the new skills injected and trained to at least 3, some more.


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