Monday 21 January 2013

The harpoons, man them


As the New Year begins, updating the GFX driver fails to improve the 30 FPS when zoomed out in empty space and the lust for a 17” i7 laptop reaches the vinegar stroke, I find that corp is quiet, presumably as folk recover from their festive excesses and resume the daily grind EVE normally lets us escape. I have taken it upon myself as Recruitment Director to annoy RL mates until they come in. The annual Christmas D&D [which turned out to be Risk] Leo Sayer provided a chance encounter with someone who may be game – I’d not give him the keys to the hangar though.

Nurse! Me pills!
Logi is indeed the new DPS for me. Well, I tell myself that to provide valuable succour in the new style armour fleets I seem to find myself in and at least Amarr Cruiser V wasn’t wasted entirely. It’s not armour that’s the problem [Faillente, see], it’s T2 weapons to make them work properly – I fell into the AC Cane / HML Drake trap and failed to act when they were nerfed. Yes, I admit it, I neglected lazors & hybrids. /me beats self with birch – thank you Sir may I have another.

Logi - it’s a bloody nightmare juggling 40 squillion windows on a laggy old piece of shit 15” 4:3 screen at 10FPS while listening to the FC, clicking the porn links in chat channels, keeping the logi cap chain together, prelocking who needs prelocked [and corpies, of course] and occasionally even repping someone. And then the fleet warps to a jump bridge that isn’t in locations and you have to find it.

So, just a quick skill up to Med T2 lazors to get out of logi in this new armour doctrine, plug into EFT and bang – down to earth with a bump – the fit needs AWU V or a bonkers ISK EG implant. Dang. So, 19 days to AWU V? THREE MORE WEEKS OF LOGI??? No thanks, I’ll plug in Med T2 blasters and that’s only 10 days.

However, as I realised when I stopped kicking the Augoror’s ships cat, just a simple rig change from doctrine [shhhh, don’t tell the mad Dutchman or the CEO] still gives me more gank & tank than an armour Ruppie and in a glorious Amarr ship - no hippy slave / cheese-eating surrender monkey / missile chucking capitalist nonsense here. So I’ve bought one of the Empires finest and it’s roam Monday – x for fleet! When I’ve JC’d and bought the right rig, that is.

So what do I do now – continue with Med Hybrid V or AWU V? AWU V of course – AMARR VICTOR!!1!

Hello. Goodbye.
A new corp joined alliance and provided a much needed and KB green US TZ presence which made the CEO happy, not having to hang with us limeys so much. Then they left again. Ah well – he will have to put up with our colonial jokes a while longer. Least one of our US pilots has come back to corp. When he gets off his xbox, that is. It is rumoured he petitioned CCP to have Jita renamed after him. It wasn’t.

AWU V. And I’ve finally worked out that now alty boy can fly all Indys and has good trade skills for selling all the mission loot from the missions I never get time to do anymore, he needs to max his PI, get a JC & blockade runner in null and start generating his little brother some money. Like a bitch.

Fly safe and yes, it’s ARMOUR. With a U.


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