Thursday 5 January 2017



Well, the reboot bluescreened, so I'll finally admit that this is just an occasional thing.

Urged on by the fuzzy warm feelings induced by giving P1 PI materials to the CEO and utterly not giving a shit about balancing the outputs of different ECU's, I thought I might help someone out.

I had a mail exchange with someone I had transacted with and offered some help, but no response. In another burst of pleasantry and absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I really couldn't be arsed to undock, I put up a 40mil ISK buy order for a 35mil NPC sold skill book from 2 jumps away and logged. It got filled by the next log on and I can now fly Bowheads. Unfortunately they are gank magnets and I'd never buy one.

CSM 11
Not a clue mate, though Fuzzy Steve is still there so everyone wins. And Jin - his videos are great

Victim of changes
Corp activity was down and 0.0 was a bit to unstable for us, so we began the process of evacuating to new (old) homes in hi & low sec. I had always been scared of low, but they seem like a nice bunch, tbh. My cyno alts have had some very nice convos while they are getting blown up +/- watching the aggressors get given the good news by station guns.

So it's onwards and upwards, as Culture Shock said in 1988 and do svidaniya tovarisch, as the Russians have been saying for quite some time.

Fly bad

Caisman o7

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