Wednesday 6 April 2016

YC118.04.06 - Dates for your diary

YC118.04.06 - Dates for your diary

Shameless... stolen from but the wheat without the chaff.

CSM11 elections 
YC118.04.21 - Results are announced at Fanfest. See how our bloc candidates fared, then wait a year to see if those valuable moments you spent randomly selecting those with the cutest avatar / best name, even mattered.

EVE Online: Citadel
YC118.04.27 - The big one patches on Wednesday 2016.04.27 and will include, er, Citadels. And capital ships, not that there are any capital ships where I live; I've never even seen one. Except Chribbas Veldnaught. In Amarr. Once. On an alt. Now biomassed.

If however, one might have a capital ship on ones Goonswarm / PL alt, particularly a carrier, it might be prudent to note that by the power of CCP it will automagically become one of the new Force Auxiliary class of capital ships if but a single criteria is met. This criteria is the possession of an assembled carrier with any Triage module fitted.

It will then become a Force Auxiliary of the same race is the carrier you don't have. If no Triage module is fitted, the CCP hamsters will pass it by and it will remain a carrier, but not like the carriers of today. They will have new squadrons of teeny tiny fighters, augmented by the skills Light Fighters and Support Fighters.

The dev blog is here. Note that CCP have deemed the newly seeded racial Force Auxiliary skills a mistake and are not required. CCPls.

Train the new skills Light Fighters and Support Fighters to V for T2, because the T1 are a bit squishy. Advanced Drone Interfacing will become Fighter Hangar Management and will provide a bonus to the size of your fighter hanger. Train it to V for moar fighters. The Fighter Bomber skill has been converted to Heavy Fighters, and now gives a 5% damage bonus to heavy fighters per level, but that's supers stuff and what are supers?

All combat capitals have reduced base Shields/Armor/Hull. There are now capital armor plates and capital shield extenders that you should use to increase the buffer of your capital ship. 

To compensate, capital modules will come in new and different colours, just like the normal sized ones do (T2, Faction, Deadspace) - so train the appropriate skill to IV for T2. Probably.

Real capital ships, like freighters and jump freighters are not affected. Capital Q&A here

Fly big things, but safely and not for ratting, eh?

Caisman o7

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