Monday 11 November 2013

Out of the gutter


Firstly, thank you and may you find the peace your sacrifice has given us.

Secondly, apologies to my reader for not being very active for some months. Send me that EVEmail and I will give you the 1mil I promised. Busy IRL, busy in EVE, hell even busy at work. Enough about RL though - it's dull.

Y115 recap
Busy. Any small amount of evewhoing will reward you with the priceless and probably not particularly valuable information that I reside in Providence, or Provistan as we affectionately call it. Every nullite comes here to play at some point as further interaction with your search engine will show. Internal drama, external drama, we have it all and although often referred to as the ginger kid of EVE, people still come to our house quite a lot. So, very busy - one bunch come and kick / get kicked / get bored / get kicked by someone bigger or more important somewhere else, leave. Rinse, repeat. No shortage of good fights here though, but sadly those 30-man one-way kitchen sink WH roams for lulz are now largely a thing of the past. Probably good for the wallet.

So, the wallet - how on Sarum Prime can I afford this lavish PVP lifestyle, I hear you ask. Well I don't play as much as I did, so losses are less. Also, as the Provibloc fleet size has grown, there are more [and more juicy] targets for the OPFOR to choose. I also tend fly logi a lot at the moment, which although often means primary, also means I am already on my logibros watchlist. And logi is SRP'd :P

Talking of logi, I still can't understand why people are so reluctant to fly it - ships are cheap / SRP'd, everyone loves you, you can turn fights and you get one or 2 more channels to watch. Most importantly, you get to hang with the logibros - and a finer bunch of miscreants I have never met. You need more tactical awareness and are constantly watching your WL / broadcast history, juggling targets, reps, cap chain, prop mod, orbit, anchor, align point, etc. Have even if I have done my share of logi FC'ing and I reckon it's the best buzz in EVE for me right now. Or go DPS and press F1 / assign drones to the drone bunny. Of course, as logi, I would never use my drones to whore on KM's. No Siree, not me. Purely for defence from ECM drones and small tackle, honest.

Oh yes, ISK generation. PI, primarily - 1 system, 4 planets harvesting P0 / producing P1, 1 factory planet turning P1 into P3, 2 characters, 1 Epithal, some hauling, 1 week cycles to reduce the RSI. Pretty much covers the losses. I think I have tried every PI guide off the internet and have now come to the conclusion, that the only real way to make any money off PI without wanting to committing seppuku, is to do it in null and keep it simple. Sure there is more money to be made off it, it doesn't sell so quick in null, reds in system can be a pain in the arse and you always wonder if you would get better money if you hauled it all to hisec, but to use common chatroom parlance - meh. As PI guides go, the ones I have found most useful recently are, yes, you guessed it, EVE Uni's, see the bit about colonies for some great set-up info. Thanks again. I wonder if I would be rich if I had just joined them at the bloody start.

One interesting nugget I picked up from somewhere, is that if you are PI'ing in sov null, you need to be in the holder alliance to plant a Command Centre. Once it is planted however, you can build a colony from it and don't need any affiliations. Except those you may want to stop yourself getting exploded or reduce import / export taxes.

Can't remember where I got to. All T2 subcap guns in the bag, just got T2 HAM & Light missiles, working on T2 Cruise, I think.

Fly safe, sportsfans


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