Monday 20 May 2013

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2 posts in a week, good stuff.

Well, the 1 ECU per planet thing is ok, but requires some micro-management on the 3 day cycle thing. I gashed the silo’s as it was either that or field less than 10 heads and that defeats the object of alternating / maximising the resource stripping. Also, in hisec there is no real need for one as the LP is [just] big enough. So it’s now –

EH x10 > ECU > LP > P1 [basic] factory x3 > LP > P2 [advanced] factory x2 > LP

…with 6 basic factories [one for each resource] & 2 advanced. I have tried retasking the basic factories to speed up P1 production, but it’s a PITA resetting all the routes, which is what I am trying to avoid. On next iteration, I will go with 3 basic factories per resource and therefore leave one side of the chain empty but still routed. I might also try with just one advanced factory to free up some PG / CPU [whatever it is I am short of trying to run 10 heads and requiring me to gash either the unused ECU or its link to the LP].

EH x10 > ECU > LP > P1 factory x3 > LP > P2 [advanced] factory x1 > LP
EH x10 > ECU > LP > P1 factory x3 > LP ^
*note – one side is unused for 3 days then extraction swapped [and just one LP]*

Of course, the other thing I forgot is that not all P0 comes out at the same rate, meaning I have more than enough of some P2 to feed the P2 > P4 factory planet and nowhere near enough of the others. So it looks like when I get it sorted, I will be rearranging heads and transferring product to the POCO every 3 days [just need to be undocked in system for that], haul every week or so and make less P4, but at maybe double the profit per unit over solely producing P2 > P4. Once I have an ISK buffer built up, I could always top up the low P2 with market bought stuff through buy orders, something the alt has not really trained up yet.

It’s mine[ing]
Still the way to go for easy ISK – 5-odd mil ISK per hold plus the bounties for the belt rats and no real thinking involved. Just burned through the first set of T2 crystals :D Oh, and set up a POS on my own? Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just no. Well, not until there is a bil in the bank as change after Caisman has a bunch more ships are bought and fitted. I’ve let the alt’s corp CEO know he can POS gun out of someone else’s, though

Got me Naga popped trying to catch up to a big strat-op the other night, which was quite annoying, but the guns were only T1 anyway :/ Been line DPS grunt on a couple of blobs, sorry big fleets since then [and not primaried], so I have somehow made #1 leet killah in corp and #2 in alliance this week and learnt that I don’t really like lowsec, what with its safeties, flags, consequences and those colours in my overview that I can never remember what they mean malarkey. Red and not red is much easier. And flashing = shoot it. Will do what FC says though, ofc.

Reshipped to logi for the redux of these fleets, but the policing had been largely successful by then and no-one needed much logi loving. I have noticed a real problem with getting into logi chat lately though – I wouldn’t want to interrupt voice comms for such things, but requests in fleet chat are often ignored / unseen by those who can drag into the channel and I end up looking on the blues overview, sorting by type and convoing someone I know who is in logi to get me in. Being in logi chat is important for sorting the logi anchor / cap and rep chains and getting the those logi specific orders which get missed in the fleet chat [like my x’s for the chat]. At least it means I get away without being logi FC.

Logi watchlist tips – alliance op = corp mates on WL, bloc op = alliance mates on WL, hehe. Er, plus whatever the FC says, of course.

Blue on blue action
Last night was bloc free-ship Sunday and off I went in my free T1 fit Kestrel of arse, for some pure KB whoring / ISK correcting. Popped way more than I lost, but was a little surprised that top damage on me [17%] was done by a blue fleet member [highest red damage was 5%]. ‘Twas but a free ship, but best let him know in a sarcastic manner in case he needs to review his overview settings. Check my tips out here, btw :P Mail sent. Went for a tab after getting back to home system and missed the alliance roam and its shiny kills. That’ll learn me.

Warfare Link Specialist IV to be able to inject Command Ships before its prerequisites are changed to all the Warfare’s V on 4th June with the Odyssey expansion. I may want them someday. Get on it kids, details here.

Fly safe


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